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Dear Friends

For the savvy and discerning travelers who aspire to travel independently, yet not alone, Convertible Caravans has added new dimensions to travel.

We are a collection of independent travelers, touring each in our own private cars, along an incredible scenic journey through a selection of six of Europe’s most beautiful countries!

Our way of travel affords you the time and liberty to follow at your own pace and yet still participate in the unique authentic flavors and the “day to day” of the destinations that we have included.

Elegant and intimate, designed for those who want to explore with the safety, comfort and camaraderie of like-minded travelers, we offer the ultimate experience.

  • CLASSIC Caravans ...join others and us with our small groups!
  • MyWAY Caravans ...on your own, tailored for you!
  • SoFt Caravans ...softly for our special needs friends!
  • GoneGolfing ...play the greatest links courses with us!
  • MANCATION ...live out your childhood dreams and go for a real drive!

Convertible Caravans is the new twist in personal vacations ...and we even offer convertibles!

Welcome to the driver’s or passenger’s seat!